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Working with "Bibliography"

With the extension "Bibliography", references can be collected, cited in articles and summarized at the end of the article in a reference list.

At the beginning of the article, in which references should be cited, the command


is needed.

In the text itself a quote can be given in two ways:

<bib id=Author:2004 />
<bib id=Author:2004>Alternate text</bib>

Having only one author's name, his surname is used, like "Arnold",
having more authors, the extension .etal is added after the first author's surname, like "Arnold.etal",

followed by ":"

and the year of publication of the article, such as "2001". If an author wrote more than one article/book in one year, this is indicated by continuous small letters, such as "2001a".

The complete "id" would thus be "Arnold:2001" or "Arnold:2001c" (having three articles in 2002), or "Arnold.etal:2001".

Die ID may not include mutated vowels or special characters like "_" !

The Bibliography extension checks, whether this citation already exists or not. If it's already part of the bibliography, the correct reference is quoted in abbreviated form, such as

[Steiger.etal:2007]:(2007). Special issue on salt decay. Environmental Geology Volume: 52,  Number: 2, Pages: 186

If the reference is missing, you get a notice and a link to the editing page, such as

[Steiger:2001]: Reference is missing. Please add it to the Bibliography as book, article, misc,

When you insert a reference into a text, the link will not appear in the preview. Only after saving the entry, the reference is compared with the lists in the bibliography.

When you follow the link, you reach the entry page of the extension Bibliography where the information must be filled in in the bibtex format, e.g.

	@book{Autor:2004,           //special characters must be avoided , eg Mueller instead of Müller
	 author = {Someone},
	 title  = {Virtual Reality basics},
 	 year   = {2004},
 	 url    = {},
 	 publisher = {Publisher},
	 abstract = {},
         fulltext = {},

If a reference exist as a pdf full text file, the file name has to be edited like

 fulltext     = {file:Alveolar_Copenhagen_2008.pdf},

Given a


the reference list is printed at that location.

Other output options are:

  • <bibprint></bibprint> Prints the complete bibliography
  • <bibprint>Author1 Author2</bibprint> Prints the bibliography entries of the authors Author1 or Author2
  • <bibprint>Author1 2006</bibprint> Prints the bibliography entries of Author1 or those published in 2006
  • <bibprint year='2006'>Author1</bibprint> Prints the bibliography entries published in 2006 of Author1
  • <bibprint year='2006' highlight='no'>Author1</bibprint> Prints the bibliography entries published in 2006 of Author1 without highlighting.

The selection controlled output works so far only when there are no BibTex quotes in the text above.

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